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Traveling is great to get away and lower stress levels, but if you’re worrying about your pets, it can be hard to enjoy your time alone.  Finding someone to care for your dog while you’re out of town can be a challenge.  The right person to care for your pets will need to have many qualifications, like experience handling animals of all kinds and the ability to address medical emergencies.  Aldens Kennels, located near Chicago, will help you feel confident while you’re away as well as give your dog a relaxing vacation of their own.

Leaving your dog with a neighbor can lead to headaches and chewed furniture

One of the biggest benefits of leaving your dog with a kennel is their safety.  Many people ask neighbors or friends to watch over your beloved pet.  Even though they have nothing but the best of intentions, it can be a difficult adjustment for people to make.  If they have other pets, being around new animals can be difficult for everyone involved.  This can lead to difficulty sleeping, fighting, and emotional stress for your pet as well as theirs.  It can also put unnecessary pressure on the people helping.  They will be forced to deal with a struggling pet while trying to take care of their own responsibilities at the same time.
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It can be even worse for people that are helping that don’t have pets of their own.  Often both the people and their homes aren’t properly prepared for taking care of a dog.  Not only does this make it hard for your pet, but can also put them in danger.  Their home isn’t set up to keep your dog in and others out, which raises the chance of fighting, getting hit by a car, or running away.  Boarding kennels are set up to be both safe and comfortable which means you and your pet can enjoy some relaxation.

Your pet can have a fun, stress-free kennel vacation experience

At our kennels, your dog will always have trained professionals watching over them.  They can properly administer medical care and know exactly what to do in an emergency.  They will also make sure your dog is getting a balanced diet and plenty of exercise while you are away.

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We go further than most kennels, making sure your dog enjoys their stay.  The tabloids are filled with celebrities such as Paris Hilton that pamper their dogs.  Hilton is known to treat her beloved Chihuahua to extravagant beauty salon visits, spa days, and more.   On a more practical scale, many kennels offer some great options to help your dog enjoy their stay.  They set up activities each day that are sure to make your dog have fun doing things such as playtime, nature walks, and special treats.  The right kennel can become your dog’s home away from home.  Field trips are another way for dogs to enjoy their stay in a kennel.  Combine those with a trip to the day spa and the grooming salon and your pet might have better vacation than you do.

One key to finding the right boarding center is making sure they fit you and your dog.  When you are looking at possible options, go in and take a tour to make sure it feels right for you.  Talk to them and make sure they will handle your dog in a way you approve of.  Discuss the schedule and routine that has been established and how closely they can follow it.  By finding a kennel that can follow your set schedule closely, your pooch’s adjustment will be minimal.

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