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 Intermediate Obedience Class Syllabus  Training

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Week 1

Review of Beginner Class Heel Free and off leash, sit stay, down stay, 6 foot come when called.

Week 2                           

Review of Week 1

We will work on retieve, you will learn the method of retrieving.

Week 3

Review of Week 2

This week we introduce the High Jump.

Week 4

Review of all 3 weeks

The Broad Jump is added this week.

Week 5

Review of all 4 weeks

Long Sit & Downs (3 to 5 minutes) We will practice it with the owner out of site.

Week 6

Review of all 5 weeks

All of the elements will be put together as a group, if you haven't master them all you know what you need practice on, if you can do it, you are now ready for the Advanced Class.