Dog Training and Agility Classes

Dog owners know how quickly their canine friends grow to become part of the family.  So why do so many owners skip out on important obedience and other types of training?  There are many excuses people give, such as that it costs too much, they don’t have the time, and some even feel that it will crush the dog’s spirit or personality.  However, these excuses just don’t hold up when looked at more in-depth.

Can you afford not to train your dog?

The cost is definitely a major factor causing people to avoid training.  This can be short sighted though, as the training can actually save them money.  Untrained dogs can cost a lot of money with the issues they cause.  For example, just replacing things around the house such as carpets early from an untrained dog urinating can be costly.  Those can be minor compared to if a dog bites, even playfully, another dog or a person.  This can cost thousands of dollars and in some cases even result in the dog having to be put down.  Owning a dog is not cheap, but failing to train the dog can easily make the expenses that much higher.

Just like with the cost, the amount of time it takes for training is easily more than made up for.  The cost to train a dog will vary greatly depending on the personality of the dog and how specialized the training is.  Likewise, the amount of time needed will correlate based on the type of training being done.  People are busy and their time spent training is valuable.  Then add up all the time it takes for problems resulting from untrained dogs.  Things like cleaning carpets, replacing dug up plants, searching for runaways, and many other things quickly add up.  Then factor in that these issues can carry on for many years if the dog is untrained.  After seeing the time add up, it becomes much easier to see the benefits of dog training as an investment and not an inconvenience.

Can training change a dog's personality?

One of the biggest reasons people avoid dog training isn’t practical but more philosophical.  Many people feel that dog training, especially obedience training, basically forces the dogs’ personality and spirit out of it.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Having a trained dog doesn’t mean they can’t have fun.  In fact it can help them have a lot more fun.  First, they won’t constantly be in the dog house, figuratively and literally.  It will also open opportunities for more enjoyment.  Compare it to raising kids.  People don’t raise kids by making sure they avoid training.  Most parents actually seek out ways to help and train their kids.  If they are struggling scholastically then the parents find after school products or tutors.  It doesn’t stop there either.  Parents will put their kids in dance, musical, sports, or academic lessons to help them develop skills and build on their passions.  Likewise, dog owners teaching their pets how to behave allows them to have more fun.  Just how parents find training activities for their kids to enjoy, dog owners can do the same for their companions.  Training is more than just obedience training.  For instance, flyball is a great canine sport that dogs can enjoy with their owners.  Training a dog gives them the balance they need for a happy and fulfilling life.

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