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Work one on one with our trainer to achieve your goals. Without the distractions of other dogs, allowing us to focus on your dogs specific needs and way of learning. Can you walk your pet, in public? Is your pet distracted by other dogs, and frearful of people? Are group classes, just not practical with your schedule? Private lessons planned when you can attend, may be the answer, so don't delay your pets training anymore.

Get that some extra attention, our professional dog trainers can give you and your dog privately, tailoring instruction to perfectly suit your needs. This is also a great option for dogs that have social issues or act aggressively around other dogs or strangers. We help you learn how to control your pet, and give you something to practice when you have the time at home.

Private Dog Training. Start training now! Does your dog have a specific behavioral issue that you'd like to address? Then private dog training is for you! Work with all ages and breeds, and handle all behavioral concerns, including separation anxiety, fear issues,  unruliness/hyperactivity, aggression.