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Finding the right kennel for boarding can make your vacation more enjoyable for both you and your pet.

Dog boarding and care have come a long way.  Gone are the days of leaving your beloved canine in a chain link kennel with only food and water until you return.  Boarding centers now offer a wide variety of activities to help your dog feel better. 

One that is rapidly growing in popularity is spa treatments offering massages along with other relaxation activities.  Just like spas for people, dog spas offer many different types of massages that target specific needs or problem areas.  The most common is a maintenance and relaxation massage.  This is done on a regular basis and will help with the dogs overall well-being.  These will also provide early detection of health changes and potential problems.  Another benefit is that dogs that receive regular massages are more accepting of other people, especially alternate handlers, which makes trips to the vet and groomers more pleasant.  Massages are also available that specialize in recuperation, sports, and touch training. 

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Another popular trend is spa and grooming treatments.  You can get them a bath, cut, and fluff or go even more luxurious with a full spa treatment.  This offers things such as nail painting, mud bath treatments, and skunk baths.  These will make your dog cleaner, happier, and also more relaxed.

If massages and spas are too slow for your pet, there are other activities that use more energy.  Kennels have created fitness programs that will help get your dog into better shape.  One popular trend is underwater treadmills.  Hydrotherapy has long been recognized as beneficial for human conditioning and rehabilitation.  Many major sports teams began using it as part of their regular training routine to eliminate wear and tear on joints.  Dogs will see the same benefits from exercising on underwater treadmills as people do.  These systems will help dogs to exercise or rehab while eliminating a lot of joint pain and muscle soreness. 

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Warm water therapy takes hydrotherapy one step farther.  Basically it’s like water aerobics for pets.  Many celebrities use this on their pets to keep them in shape and healthy.  Mariah Carey owns five high-energy Jack Russell Terriers that she takes along on activities such as jogging and surfing.  They also attend regular sessions of water aerobics that will help them burn some of their excessive energy while helping them remain healthy and saving excessive stress on their joints.

Finding a fitness program that’s right for your dog is another great activity for them while you are away.  Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels, best known for her participation on Biggest Loser, is working with trainer Cesar Millan, star of the TV show Cesar 911, to encourage people to combine their workouts with their dogs.  They believe that finding a fitness program that fits both the person and their dogs breed and personality will help both of them to get more exercise.  By doing this you will have a constant motivator and coach to help keep your motivation high.  This will also give your pet a routine that can be followed during their stay at the kennel.  

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