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A happy dog can lower stress for them and their owners

Do dogs have emotions like humans do?

Some people don’t realize that dogs can feel emotions, just like people do. The thoughts behind their feelings may be simpler than they are for humans, but your dog’s happiness or loneliness is just as real.  When they show you love or excitement, there isn’t doubt or agendas behind their emotions like there may be with people.  They don’t show excitement or love with the intent of getting some extra benefit out of it.  They show excitement or love simply because they feel those emotions.  Likewise, they don’t understand there are factors behind human emotions.  They don’t understand if a person is depressed or angry after a relationship ends.  All they sense is the emotions and don’t grasp any of the thoughts behind them.

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Does happiness affect a dog's health?

Happiness affects a dog’s health for a couple of reasons.  Any pet that is happy will naturally be more active and energetic.  Having a more active lifestyle will help keep their bodies in better condition and also keep their weight more in control.  In contrast, a dog that is sad or depressed will be far more likely have low energy and be lethargic.  Another way a dog's health is linked to happiness is how it ties into stress.  Usually the level of stress directly ties into the level of happiness.  So as happiness decreases in the K9 stress increases.  Stress can cause many health issues in dogs just as it would in a person.

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How can quality of care influence a dog having poor or excellent health?

The quality of care will directly impact how happy a dog is.  With the right type of care a dog is certain to be happier.  As discussed earlier, a happy dog is far more likely to be active and happy resulting in better health.  By having the right diet, exercise time, and personal attention and affection a dog will have a far better disposition.  In contrast, a dog that doesn’t eat well and is frequently left locked in a kennel and ignored will be far less happy.  Doing this will result in a lot of stress that is combined with little activity to that would keep them healthy making them even more miserable.

Can a happy and healthy dog be beneficial for their owner?

Dog owners know how much their dog’s happiness and health can affect their own lives.  Dogs give their owners love and attention.   The companionship will drastically lower negative emotions such as depression, sadness, and neglect while also filling some emotional voids.  There are also studies that show dog owners are more active than non-dog owners.  Being more active burns calories and helps people to be happier.