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Training           Beginners Obedience Class Syllabus

Week 1

Week 1

Practice walking dogs, check the dogs for most effective collar, start the proper sit. Introduce the about turn and  U-turn

Week 2

Review of Week 1

We will introduct the sit stay, and down stay, & add circle around to the right and left heeling pattern.

Week 3

Review of Week 2

Stand for Examination is added, recalls, from sit, down, and stand.

Week 4

Review of Week 3

Recalls, with added time to sit stay, down stay, and stand for exam.

Week 5

Review of Week 4

We will ad 1 minute sit and 3 minute down practice the recalls..

Week 6                                             

Review of all lessons

We will test our progress in a group to see if the goals were accomplished so you can move on the Intermediate Class, for off leash work.