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Advanced Obedience Class Syllabus Training

Week 1                                     

Review of Intermediate Class

Signal Exercise – we will demonstrate the hand signals during class and have you practise them, with your pet.

Week 2

Review of Week 1

Scent Discrimination the introduction to scent detection of owners articles.

Week 3

Review of Week 1 & 2

Directed Retrieve – We will demonstrate the signals for you to practice the quick response from your dogs direct retrieve.

Week 4

Review of all 3 Weeks

Moving Stand and Examination – the dog and you will will work on this exercise during class with the distraction of other dogs. Send away is added.

Week 5

Review of all 4 Weeks

Directed Jumping – the dog and you will practice the send away and hand signals to the jump the handler has designated, their pet to do.

Week 6

Review of all 5 Weeks

We will test as a group what your dog & you have mastered.