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Beginners Obedience AKC Therapy Dogs
Intermediate Obedience AKC Canine Good Citizenship
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At Alden's Kennels we provide dog training tailored to your pet's unique personality.

Does your dog... jump on people, pull on the leash, chew, bite, nip, mouth, display excessive barking, run away, display destructive behaviors, show fear, chase, jump up on the furniture, door bolt, exhibit territorial behaviors, or demonstrate aggression towards other dogs or people and need dog training?

Then give us a call! We will be happy to set up an evaluation at no charge to diagnose your dog's level of obedience and address specific problems in order for us to get your dog training; as well as other areas. Based on the evaluation, recommendations will be made regarding the appropriate type of dog training required. 

At Alden's Kennels we understand that every dog has a unique personality, and we strive to meet the specific needs of each guest regarding our dog kennels in Chicago, Illinois. We believe obedience dog training is the groundwork of a happy life together, for both dogs and their owners. Our dedicated trainer has years of experience dog training, teaching, and competing in the Chicago and Northern Illinois area, as well as around the country. We take great pride in a dog training program that revolves around positive reinforcement, effective methods, and a fun experience for both you and your dog at our dog kennels. We understand that dogs, just like people, are individuals and learn differently. We will make it our goal to help you develop a positive long-term relationship with your dog, while teaching him or her appropriate behaviors.