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Spa Treatments:
Professional massage and myotherapy are important elements of a complete wellness program for your dog and integrate readily with all forms of canine health care, complementing veterinary and chiropractic care.  Whether you have an elderly dog, an athlete, a show dog, or simply a beloved canine companion, massage treatments restores, maintains and enhances your dogs' overall well being.

In essence, canine massage is the application of hands-on techniques to restore and/or maintain a dog’s physical capabilities. Massage can be used to help dogs relax, reduce anxiety, condition the canine athlete, assist in recovery from injuries, and ease chronic pain.
Likewise, myotherapy, which literally means muscle therapy, is a method for relieving pain based on manipulation of trigger points in the body.  Incorporating Trigger Point Myotherapy can help relieve pain, swelling, and stiffness, improve range of motion and flexibility, increase muscle tone, increase circulation, and promote healing.

Maintenance and Relaxation Massage
Regular massage maintains a dog’s general well-being and can provide early detection of health changes. Massage helps prevent degeneration of healthy tissues. Also, dogs who receive regular massage treatments become more accepting of all kinds of handling – from the vet to the groomer.
Dogs greatly benefit from massage following surgery or when recovering from injury. Massage helps reduce pain, speeds the healing process, and assists in releasing the toxic effects of anesthetics.
Touch Training
Touch training helps puppies and touch-reactive adult dogs learn to accept different kinds of touch. A dog who is taught to tolerate inappropriate touch (by children and adults who don’t know the proper way to approach and touch dogs, for example) is less likely to feel anxiety and show aggression when placed in situations that might otherwise make the dog feel stressed and uncomfortable.
Sports Massage
Canine athletes are better prepared for competition and recover more quickly afterward when massage is a regular component of the training program. Massage helps prepare dogs mentally and physically for the event and reduces the chance of injury. Massage also comforts tired muscles and reduces the potential for cramping and post-exercise soreness.
Regular massage enhances an aging or elderly dog’s quality of life. Massage energizes the mind and helps dogs cope with the stiffness and discomfort that comes with arthritis. Massage passively stimulates dogs and helps them move when they have trouble moving themselves. Movement heals!

This is the combination of massage and warm water, which benefits dogs experiencing muscle soreness. Aquamassage works well in conjunction with a swimming program. If your dog needs to learn to swim, we will carefully teach your dog, if willing, to do so.

Rei means “spirit,” and Ki means “energy,” so literally, the word Reiki translates as “spiritual energy.” Reiki is also used to describe a Japanese energy healing system used originally for spiritual development and used today for “hands-on” healing. Reiki is ideal for use with animals because it is gentle, noninvasive and doesn't require physical contact. It doesn't cause stress, discomfort, or pain, and yet yields powerful results. Reiki helps animals to maintain their health, enhances relaxation, provides an emotional sense of peace and contentment as well as relief from pain, fear, and anxiety.

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