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Name Use
Valor Helps hold chiropractic adjustments, benefits spine, improves confidence
Lavender Calms, relaxes, good on burns, cuts and bug bites
Peace and Calming Calms, relaxes, relieves tension and anxiety
Pan Away Pain relief, especially with arthritis and muscle pain
Aroma Seiz Pain relief, especially for sore muscles
Lemon Grass Helps heal tendon and ligament injuries
Flower Essences 
Name Use
Rescue Remedy  Bach flower essence used to help relieve stress and anxiety (does not sedate)
Name  Use
Traumeel Lowers inflammation, bruising (coloration and pain associated with it), used for muscle strain and some osteoarthritis
Zeel Decreases stiffness and soreness, especially with first motion (morning stiffness)
Discus Compositum Treats hind limb weakness, sciatica (pain from nerve roots) and aids in regeneration of tissue including nerves
Spascupreel Helps reduce muscle spasm
Vertigoheel Helps with balance disorders (stroke, old dog vestibular syndrome)
Antioxidants / Vitamins 
Name Use
Dismutase Anti-oxidant/free radical scavenger; stops inflammatory cascade (enzymatic)
Cataplex C Natural source of vitamin C for antioxidant support (water soluble)
Cataplex E Natural source of vitamin E for antioxidant support (fat soluble)
Cholodin Source of choline - B vitamin; helps with genetic hearing loss, disorientation, fecal accidents (if low control, especially if low awareness)
DL Phenylalanine Amino acid which helps with pain relief - increases serotonin
Canine Plus Premium multivitamin supplement - weak geriatric patients, patients with mineral/vitamin deficiencies. Helps patients that are already on a good diet, may also help with pica (eating dirt, grass, etc.)
Chinese Herbals 
Name Use
Arthragen Helps arthritis that worsens in cold damp weather
Corydalis 5 Reduces pain (from the poppy plant)
Liquidambar Reduces pain associated with spondylosis (arthritis in back) and other bony arthritis
Arthritis Products 
Name Use
Adequan Injectable medication for osteoarthritis which is similar to Glucosamine, but not the same - helps improve the quality of joint fluid, decreased pain and stimulates cartilage cells to produce matrix
Arthroplex Capsule form of Glucosamine, Perna mussel and vitamin C
Glyco Flex 3 Chewable combination of: Glucosamine, MSM and Perna mussel
Glucosamine Promotes healthy joint fluid/nutrition. Helps with inflammation in joints
Perna Mussel Natural source of building blocks for cartilage (chondroitin)
Vitamin C Helps the body absorb glucosamine and is an anti-oxidant
MSM Anti-inflammatory for muscle, soft tissue and joints
Boswellia Anti-inflammatory herb (like natural asprin)
Synovi G3  
EPA/DHA Essential fatty acids
Vitamin E Antioxidant/free radical scavenger
Creatine Promotes buildup of healthy muscle tissue
GI Support Products 
Name Use
Prozyme Plus Probiotic which aids digestion especially useful in older or debilitated dogs (enzymes to help digest food)
Fast Balance Probiotic for diarrhea (live organisms)
GI Encaps Herbal formula for diarrhea, GI upset
Miscellaneous Supplements 
Name Use
Immuplex Balances immune system, good for allergies, recurrent infections and problems after vaccines
Bladder Strength Nutrient (vitamin/herbal) support to improve bladder function and reduce susceptibility of infection by increasing the muscle tone
Vetri-Lean (Plus) Helps curb appetite and block carbohydrates to promote safe and effective weight loss
Omega 3, 6, 9 Omega fatty acid (fish oil base) to reduce inflammation and promote healing. Excellent for arthritis, neurologic disorders and skin allergies
Canine Musculoskeletal Support Contains nutrient supplements and herbs for general musculoskeletal support (any issue)
Canine Whole Body Support Nutrient supplements and herbs for general metabolic support - for debilitated, weak, geriatric patients or issues with the endocrine system
Ligaplex I Ligament problems (ACL), sprains, herniated disc (more traumatic events) more ligament specific
Ligaplex II Muscle degeneration, bulging disc, chronic back weakness, strengthening helps re-build connective tissue (more chronic issues) not as ligament specific, use as a preventative in athletes
Wound Oil A combination of oils to stimulate healing of an abrasion or open skin wound


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