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Cats are Puuuurfectly Pampered at Alden's Kennels

The new Alden's Inn Cattery, otherwise known as the Kitty Condos, is designed with pampering felines in mind. The cattery offers tri-level condos with a first floor that contains appropriate privacy where your cat can take care of his or her personal needs. The first floor also includes a double diner, sitting blanket and your cat's own distraction toy.

On the other hand, the penthouse is furnished in puuuurfect luxury - a comfortable bed and hammock and snuggle toys will ensure cats like us receive full shares of beauty rest, day or night. The top two floors have Plexiglas windows so we can enjoy our favorite DVD or program on the LCD TV outside. Each guest also receives their own storage space for travel bags and personal items from home.

Playtime is not just for dogs. At Alden's Kennels, playtime means having the run of the cattery, lots of toys and ropes to play with and an up-close view of the gold fish in the fish tank - "Here fishy, fishy."

At Alden's Kennels, their motto is service. They administer medications for your cat at no additional cost. For those fussy eaters, they carry a wide menu of canned favorites, including: salmon, white fish, cod, shrimp, tuna, chicken, liver and seafood platter. Shrimp is my favorite.

Sometimes, it seems like dogs get everything. While they do love dogs at Alden's Kennels, they're definitely cat lovers, as well. Take it from this cat, the Alden's Inn Cattery is a 5-Star Kitty Condo. Cattery hours are Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm Sat 9 am to 3 pm Sun 11 am to 3 pm closed Holidays. Rooms are $25. per day and $5. per play time. We are located in beautiful McHenry County in the Chicago area.

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