July 1st. 2021 Rates

Boarding Rates (PER DAY) 
0-50 pounds - $35.00
50-100 pounds - $40.00
101 pounds and over - $45.00

Cats $25.00
Birds $12.00

Guinea Pigs $12.00

Nature Walk $6.00
Play Time $6.00
Ultimate Vacation packages $25.00
Treadmill $25.00

Board & Train $950.00 per wk.

Group Classes 6 wks. $175.00
In home private lessons $150.00 an hr.

Private Lessons $100.00 per hr.
Service Dog Training Available 
Day Training 5 Days $510.00
Training School 5 Days $585.00

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 9AM-6PM
Saturday - 9AM-3PM
Sunday - 11AM-3PM

Fee: $100.00 for pick up drop off service per pet before & after hrs.

You will be charged for the days you reserved during your stay.

Dog training and boarding near Chicago, for your convience! 

We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover and in state checks & cash.

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 At Alden's Kennels, we take the boredom out of dog boarding near Chicago, Illinois!

Alden's Kennels will provide your best friend with individual attention and care while dog boarding and dog training near Chicago, Illinois. We offer a newly remodeled dog kennels with cedar-like fencing and a stainless steel doggy door that leads outside to a 4'x8' enclosure with an overhang for protection from the elements. We use positive training with your pet to use the dog kennel doors while vacationing with us. How exciting would a field trip be for your family pet? Let us plan your pet's vacation, to locations for specialty spa services or group play time, or a swimming lesson.

Your pet won't sleep uncomfortable at Alden's Kennels while dog boarding near Chicago. We have perfect climate control for Illinois, all-season comfort. While dog boarding and dog training, at our kennels, we also provide an ample portion of canine activities, to ensure your pet is receiving excellent Chicago, Illinois dog training, while still having the time of their life. We offer added services including playtime, nature walks, and frosty or cookie treats at an additional fee while dog boarding near Chicago, Illinois. Come out for a visit and see your pet's home away from home, at our kennels, while having dog training and/or dog boarding any time during our regular dog boarding hours. No appointment necessary.

Required shots: Rabies, Distemper, Kennel Cough.

Free customer service in Illinois: drop off and pick up for spa treatments at vet, groomer, and day care in local area.