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Agility 6 Week Class 


 Week One: Introduce the Proper Start Possition. Touch Pads, Walk over Floor Jumps.


Week Two: Open Tunnel, Chute, Proper Entry for the Weave Poles, raise Jumps.


Week Three: Learn the Pause, on the Contact Obstacles, Dog Walk, A-Frame then over them.


Week Four:  Stay Table, Tire Ring, & Teeter-totter, with the aid of the touch pads.


Week Five:  Jump, Double Jump, Practise on equipment your pet has trouble mastering.


Week Six: Full Course Set up, practise going to all the Obstacles your pet can manage.


 This Beginner Class will receive a certificate of completion for the 6 lessons.

Join the Intermediate Level to learn advanced Handler directions as your pet gets quicker

through the course.